Practise Does Not Make Perfect

Practise forms habits. So practise right!


Practise letting your writing flow, then coming back and editing. Practise finishing songs. This is one of the main areas I’m working on – I’ve spent years writing bits of songs and thinking I’ll come back to it later. Sometimes I do, but unfortunately that has distilled this routine of incompleteness in me and now it’s a bad habit to overcome, rather than the much more useful habit of seeing something through that it could be. And will be!

Of course all of this ‘practice forms habits’ is also true of recording, mixing, marketing and pitching. This is why it’s important to focus on quantity over quality. But remember – it can be easy to fall in love with your own work and want to record everything, especially if you can do that at home. Consider spending more time on your writing, first. It will make the time you spend recording that much better spent.