Home recording studio

How to Create Professional Sounding Recordings at Home

Whether you’re a musician looking to make it big and need a cheap way to get audio and video recordings of yourself out there, a music tech student playing around with different recording methods for your latest project, or someone just looking to mess around with an instrument at home, knowing how to create professional

Plan Your Song Part 2 – Outlining

I can’t remember the number of times I’ve sat down in the past with a line in my head that I thought would work well for a song and just started writing. I’ve inevitably hit the proverbial (and yet somehow very real and often visited) wall of solid brick. This was because I didn’t really

Plan Your Song Part 1 – Brainstorming to Avoid Writer’s Block

Ever been writing and find yourself frozen with indecision? It’s easily done. But writer’s block is also easily avoided. For one thing, it’s important just to let your writing flow. But before that, it’s important to plan your song. I like to brainstorm ideas and draw a mind map of words, phrases and their associations. The

practice makes perfect

Practise Does Not Make Perfect

Practise forms habits. So practise right! Practise letting your writing flow, then coming back and editing. Practise finishing songs. This is one of the main areas I’m working on – I’ve spent years writing bits of songs and thinking I’ll come back to it later. Sometimes I do, but unfortunately that has distilled this routine of incompleteness in

Taste and Writing with Your Inner Critic

I’ve always thought that what sets individuals out as particularly good aside from talent (and the honing of it) is taste. Taste is really the only thing that dictates the creative choices we make, whether in the songwriting process or in production. Sure there may be some commercial awareness there that sets certain requirements. Maybe an