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Ben Church's EP My Lot in CD case

... an EP which is immediately enjoyable.... easy-listening traditional folk music at its best.

- Rosamund Woodroffe,
Bright Young Folk

... prodigiously talented.

- Celtic Connections write-up

Ben Church smiling

A few words from Ben

I’m incredibly excited to be sharing this with you! This is a brand new (and possibly first ever) experiment in creating an online experience for folk music lovers.

When the journey is ready I’ll email you a link once a day to a hidden page on my website that can’t be accessed any other way. On each page you’ll be able to download a track from my EP, see an exclusive live performance, get unique insight into what the song means to me and anything else I think might add to your experience of the music. You’ll get this for every song on the CD.

I’m doing this all for free, at least for now, to share my love of traditional music and to give something back to the community. I can’t promise it’ll be free forever, so if you’re interested do please sign up now. All being well this will hit your inbox in August 2020.

Hope to see you on the other side!

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