Apologies to Frank Turner – A New Song by Ben Church

Here’s an original song! It’s one of those that pretty much just fell into place quite quickly. It’s a song with a story, too, which you can read more about below…

It goes back to 2012 when I’d just started seeing someone new. Around the same time, one of my favourite artists was in town – Frank Turner. With his show sold out before I even knew it was on, I’d long given up on going and arranged to see my new lady friend instead.

Cut to that night – I get a phone call from a friend. He’s got two tickets, whether by hook or by armed robbery I’m not sure. One’s mine, if I want it. Needless to say that I do, but it’s so late in the day that I’m pretty sure she’s probably already on her way. Even if she’s not it’s really far too soon in our relationship to hope that she wouldn’t get the wrong message. I grit my teeth and turn my friend down and am put under strict instructions not to tell his girlfriend that I had first dibs.

Let’s just say it was a lovely night and I didn’t regret the decision.

That was more or less that, until a couple of months ago. Another Frank Turner gig in town, another sell out before I even get a look in.

But wait!

My cousins’ band (yes, plural possessive – two of my cousins are in the band) Skinny Lister are touring with Frank and supporting him at that very gig. Awesome – catch up with them AND see them play AND get see Frank Turner. There was much excitement, which is somewhat rare for me.

Until the realisation slowly dawned.

I was booked to be in London that weekend and had been for several months.

I’ve looked for lots of different ways round it – trains up and down, flights, sleeper trains. Ultimately I realised I can only do one. More slowly I realised that it has to be London.

That’s because I was going to a song writing conference that I was really looking forward to. The last FT gig I missed turned out rather well for me (as you’ll hopefully hear in the song) – maybe this one will too!

Still, I was pretty gutted, not least because my girlfriend got to go to this one herself! The injustice of it all…

[A quick update to this, five years later in 2020 – said girlfriend is now my wife and mother of my son, Jonny, so I reckon it turned out alright!]